Video Services in Hilo, Hawaii

Taylor Martin Media Video ServicesFull video production complete with 24 hour consultation & development.

I help PLAN, DIRECT, RECORD, EDIT, and COMPLETE your project. You don’t need to hire a team of five guys for your video, just one guy with the skills of a team of five guys.

If you live on the Big Island of Hawaii and need some type of video production done, I’m your guy. Call me up anytime, schedule a meeting, and I’ll consult with you and help guide your project. If you have a good idea, I’ll make it great. If you have a vision, I’ll make it exist in the real world. I have a full array of pro-grade video equipment and a complete selection of the newest and greatest software, programs, and plugins to guarantee that you get the video you need. But seeing is believing, and video being a visual medium will make it easy for you to see and believe. Please watch any of my prior work below, with a short writeup of how it came to fruition:


Hilo Downtown Improvement Association Membership Video

The Hilo Downtown Improvement Association (whom I volunteer with) hired  me to do a video showing their feats as an organization in 2015. I was tasked with fully producing this video with roughly 1 month of production time. This video was to be shown at their annual meeting at Mokupapapa Discovery Center to rally their members. I wrote up a script, recorded footage around Hilo and narration from Christine Reed of Basically Books. I aimed for exactly 3 solid minutes (3 is still a magic number) and made sure to inject tons of attractive visuals, colors, and typography. From the kind comments I received from the executive board of the DIA, I feel it safe to assume I hit the chords perfectly.

Aloha Nui Family Practice – Promotional Video

In late October 2015, I was contacted by Aloha Nui Family Practice, a flourishing new medical clinic headed by Dr. Stefan Harmeling. This practice was in the beginning stages of launching a new care center and needed a promo video to inform and interest the public. I met with Dr. Harmeling and staff numerous times to come up with a script, and pare it down until it was just right. On the days of shooting, I sat down with the different care providers and had them read from cue cards. Then I put it all together so that everyone was featured, and carefully spliced everything together to tell the warm and inviting story that Aloha Nui was hoping to tell. The good doctor reports fantastic community response from this video.