Photography Services in Hilo, Hawaii

Professional Hilo Photographer with the gear & skills you want for the photos you need.

CamLet me shoot you! If you need pictures in Hilo or anywhere on the Big Island of Hawaii, I can be of great assistance to you.

Pick a time and place, or event and purpose, and I’ll be there to capture your finest moments with digital photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s graduation photos or commercial product photography; I am more than equipped to handle any task. I’ll work with you to choose a location and schedule that suits you best, and take all the pictures you want me to take. On the day of the shoot, I’ll handle the equipment and lights, you manage the attire and props. After the shoot, I’m off to the digital lightroom to clean up your pictures and make the truly remarkable. I use the best editing software this world offers, with all the plugins and extras you didn’t even know you wanted.

My photography is not only limited to ladies or Liliʻuokalani Park.

I enjoy taking all forms of photography, and embody the freewheeling spirit of the picture hobbyist. Hilo can be a drab, rainy town, so I take it as a challenge to find and emphasize the many different hues that actually do exist. As a special project, I have dedicated many weekends and holidays in capturing the colorful, eclectic essence of the Big Island, which is criminally underrepresented.